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Nothing but the Blood, porcelain, glaze

Veronica Patten


Holy Saturday 

Some Christians recognize Holy Saturday, the seventh day of Holy Week, as the day on which Jesus “rested” from His work of providing salvation. As Jesus died, He called out, “It is finished!” There was no further price to pay; sin had been atoned for. After His crucifixion, Jesus was laid in a nearby tomb, and His body remained there the entirety of Holy Saturday (Matthew 27:59-60; Mark 15:46; Luke 23:53-54; John 19:39-42).



Isaiah 52:13-53:12

Psalm 22

Hebrews 10:1-25

John 18:1-40, 19:1-37


Were I There..., Douglas Paul Mueller

Rebel – to reject, resist, show utter repugnance toward authority

More particularly, contemptuously ignoring God’s sovereignty, replacing Him with ourselves, or other gods to our liking

Adam and Eve scorning God’s warning, hoping their disobedience would make them like their Creator.  Curses on their relationship and lives follow.

Were I there would it have been different?

Noah’s flood cannot wash away rebel instincts.  At Babel’s Tower humanity gathering to make their name great and usurp the glory that belongs to God.  Confusion and dispersion follow.

Were I there would it have been different?

Miraculous freedom from Egypt’s yoke does not satisfy Abraham’s children, gleefully turning to the golden calf their hands have made.  Disheartened and distrusting they long for Egypt’s brick works, and seek to supplant Moses.  Plague, chasm-opening and death of all but two in the wilderness follow.

Were I there would it have been different?

Blessed in the Promised Land, Israel strays despite prophet after prophet in the times of judges and kings  Jehoiakim spurning God as Jeremiah’s call for repentance piece-by piece finds the fire.  Nebuchadnezzar’s chains follow.

Were I there would it have been different?

The parable’s evil tenants appear, God the Son incarnate welcomed as King with Hosannas but then taken by night, tried in secret, flogged, scorned, degraded, and subjected to shameful death accompanied by the crowd crying Crucify.

How can it be different?

Father forgive them


Musical Meditation

Christ Has No Body Now But Yours, Josh Garrels:

Max Richter's Mercy - Hilary Hahn

Create in Me, Acappella, Lead: Rodney Britt, Words and music: Terry Talbot:

Create in me a clean heart, oh God
And renew a right spirit within me
Create in me a clean heart, oh God
And renew a right spirit within me
Cast me not away from Thy presence, oh Lord
And take not Thy holy spirit from me
Restore unto me the joy of Thy salvation
And renew a right spirit within me

Wood and Nails (feat. Audrey Assad & Josh Garrels:





Great was Thy goodness in undertaking my redemption, in consenting to be made sin for me, in conquering all my foes; Great was Thy strength in enduring the extremities of divine wrath, in taking away the load of my iniquities; Great was Thy love in manifesting Thyself alive, in showing Thy sacred wounds, that every fear might vanish and every doubt be removed; great was Thy mercy in ascending to heaven in being crowned and enthroned there to intercede for me, there to succor me in temptation, there to open the eternal book, there to receive me finally to thyself; great was Thy wisdom in devising this means of salvation; bathe my soul in rich consolations of Thy resurrection life; great was Thy grace in commanding me to come hand in hand with Thee to the Father to be knit to Him eternally, to discover in him my rest, to find in Him my peace, to behold His glory, to honor Him who is alone worthy; in giving me the Spirit as teacher, guide, power, that I may live repenting of sing, conquer Satan, find victory in life. When thou art absent all sorrows are here, When Thou art present all blessings are mine.

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